Snipet from Technique Workshop 2019
9/8 Su

Flower Design/Horticulture Workshop 12:00 -2:00pm (GC@UW)
This workshop is designed for Provisional and Novice Members to introduce and review Flower Design and Horticulture basics before the first competition. Create your design here and bring to Van Vleck tomorrow morning. Learn how to select, condition, and present horticulture. Club designers and gardeners will be on hand to offer advice and
answer questions. RSVP to Barbara Baletti,

9/17  T

Avis Campbell Gardens Workshop 10:00am-noon (GC@UW)
ACG Bed Captains discuss the history of the gardens and their current role in educating both membership and the public. Learn about the care of the modern and heirloom roses, peonies, perennials and annuals we grow in the garden. RSVP to Barbara Baletti,

10/18 F

Botanical Arts Techniques Workshop 9:30-11:30am (GC@UW)
The Botanical Arts (BA) Division in a Standard Flower Show provides opportunity for exhibiting different types of Horticulture, Flower Design, Artistic Exhibits and Photography not included in the Horticulture and Design Divisions. This informational session, led by GCNJ judges Florence Leyssene and Debbie Moran, will provide an overview of BA Design types including plaques, collage, and wreaths in preparation for the September 2020 Flower Show. RSVP to Barbara Baletti,

10/24 Th

Let’s Talk “Dahlias”  10:30am (GC@UW)
Avis Campbell Gardens Chair Maureen Sprong will talk about dahlias – From the incredibly diverse shapes and sizes available to how to care for them and store them for next season. Come hear valuable tips, favored sources and secrets gathered from all the award-winning dahlia growers of the Garden Club.  RSVP to Barbara Baletti,

11/19  T

Photography Workshop 9:30 – 11:30am (GC@UW)
If you’re planning on participating in the Botanical Arts Photography competition in February (and in the 2020 Flower Show) you won’t want to miss this opportunity to learn techniques from Michael Downey Jr, of Unique Photo that are sure to help you take your best pictures, with your smart phone, film or digital camera.  Bring your camera, phone, and questions! RSVP to Barbara Baletti,

12/3  T

Greens Workshop “ Decorate for the Holidays ”  9:30am – 1:00pm (108 Orange Road)
All are welcome to continue the annual Garden Club tradition of decorating this historic home for Candlelight Tours and other holiday festivities. We’ll gather on the lower level of the Montclair History Center’s Crane House to create wreaths, garland, and evergreen swags. Then we’ll head upstairs to hang the holiday greens and join in decorating the rooms and common areas of the house. RSVP to Barbara Baletti

1/2  Th

Dismantle Crane House Decorations  9:00 – 11:00 a.m.
Help take down the decorations at the Crane House. Please bring garbage bags and brooms so that we can leave this historic house tidy. 

RSVP to Barbara Baletti

1/15 W

Workshop “Interior Plantscapes” 6:30 – 8:30pm at Moss & More, 246 Bellevue  Avenue  Learn about all the tricks and trends for for your indoor garden from Amy South, Garden Club member and owner of this Botanical Boutique. Amy, indoor plant specialist, will take you into the world of tropical plants and share her knowledge about what is interesting and fun to grow in your home and how to maintain your “Interior Plantscape.” Workshop is limited to 15. RSVP to Barbara Baletti no later than January 6.

1/30-31  Th&F /NOTE: RESCHEDULED 3/25 and 3/26

Flower Painting Workshop – time (GC@UW).
This intensive two-day oil painting workshop will give participants the opportunity to learn how to capture the beauty, geometry, and color subtlety of flowers. The two day workshop will be conducted by master artist Victoria Herrera. Victoria has exhibited her paintings internationally and her work has appeared in numerous art publications over the years. Workshop cost $260 plus materials. RSVP to Barbara Baletti at

2/12 W

New Designs Workshop 9:30am (GC@UW)
Club President Florence Leyssène, Brenda Bingham, and Debbie Moran will be demonstrating how to create some of the new and interesting designs that will be part of our show, e.g., low profile, multi-rhythmic, decorative wreath, topiary, and collage. RSVP ASAP to Barbara Baletti

2/19 W

New Provisional Informational Coffee 9:30 – 11:00am (GC@UW) Prospective members are invited to learn about the Garden Club. Presentations by Committee Chairs, Board Members and others will highlight the projects and programs of the Club. Membership requirements and an overview of the Club calendar will be discussed. RSVP to Deborah Hirsch at

3/11 W

Botanical Arts Workshop – Artistic Crafts 9:30 – 11:30am (GC@UW)
Artistic Crafts are objects with a function. They are not created solely for their artistic value, but serve a purpose and can be labeled as an object, such as ornamental accessories, a package, or a hat. Debbie Moran will lead this workshop providing an overview of these artistic craft types discussing best plant material, mechanics and construction. RSVP to Barbara Baletti

3/21 Sat – NEW DATE & TIME

Workshop: Roses in YOUR Garden 10:00am – 11:00 (GC@UW) (pruning 11-3)
Thinking of adding a rose or two to your garden this spring? Come to a review of rose selection, culture, and care. We will go out to the Garden to prune the roses and get ready for a new bloom season. Bring a lunch. Wear your garden gear, with sturdy gloves, and bring your pruning tools (bypass pruners, please) We have some extra pruners and sharpeners. Barbara is a past president of the Garden Club and a long-time caretaker of the Avis Campbell roses. Because there are never enough roses to love, she also tends more than 100 roses in her own garden. Questions: Call Barbara for further information, 973-509-7907.

4/29 W

Flower Design Workshop 9:30-11:30am (GC@UW)
An opportunity to learn and practice new Flower Designs to be included in the Flower Show schedule in September. Led by GCNJ judges Florence Leyssene and Debbie Moran, Material list to be provided. RSVP to Barbara Baletti,

6/10 W

Beginner’s Workshop “Basics of Floral Design and Horticulture” 9:30-Noon (GC@UW)
A hands on Workshop for the NEW Provisional Class to create their first floral arrangements and learn about selecting, conditioning and presenting horticulture for competition. RSVP to Deborah Hirsch at

Workshops are offered to Garden Club of Montclair members.