Basics of Flower Design WorkshopHorticulture Workshop


9/14  W

Basics of Flower Design Workshop 9:30-11:30
Experienced designers Sarah Stransky and Lillian Rockwood will present this workshop which will go over the basics of flower design from containers to mechanics and ultimately to doing a finished design. This workshop is primarily for Provisional members but is open to all who might want a refresher. Meet in the Garden Club Room.A list of plant materials etc. will be provided before the workshop. Kindly RSVP to Cynthia Corhan-Aitken ( by Friday Sept 9th if you plan to attend.

9/21  W

Horticulture Workshop 9:00-11:45
Part 1 9:00-10:30 am. Learn to choose the best specimens as well as grooming and staging tips for all horticulture competitions. Accredited Master Judge Heidi Muschick and Celia Radek will lead this workshop which introduces Provisionals to the horticulture requirements and provides the rest of us with an opportunity to refresh our knowledge. Meet in the Garden Club Room.  A list of what to bring will be provided before the workshop. Rsvp to Donna Uher ( by Friday, September 16 (
Part 2 10:45 to 11:45 am. The workshop continues as we shift focus to the Standard Flower Show which will take place in September 2017.  Now is the time to look around at your  garden to see which plants are growing and looking good at the end of summer.  We’ll head out into Avis Campbell Gardens to discuss how to prep plants over the growing season to achieve award winning selections in the fall.

10/20 Th

Advanced Designer Workshop Series, Part 1  10:00-12:00
This workshop is for Intermediate to Advanced designers only. It will be focus on upcoming advanced designs and will be given by our own Master Judges Florence Leyssène and Deborah Moran.For this first workshop we will practice doing Stretch, Reflective and Parallel designs, all of which will be on the November schedule.The workshop will run from 10 to 12, followed by a break for lunch and begin again from 1 to 3. Come for part or stay for all.RSVP  please to Cynthia Corhan-Aitkin ( as attendance for this workshop is limited. Bring lunch. A material list will be supplied for those who RSVP. Part 2 is in March.

11/4  F

Horticulture Workshop 10:30-12:00
“Thriller, Filler and Spiller:Create Your Own Container Garden!“  Notable Garden Club of New Jersey speaker Peggy Koehler will guide us in a workshop to prepare a container garden.  The title interprets into tall, medium fill and cascading type plants.  Peggy will discuss types of containers and plants to use, proportionality, and color to create a spectacular container garden.  You can participate in two ways: a list of requirements will be provided so that you can build your garden during the workshop; or you can watch Peggy’s demonstration and take the knowledge home to prepare at a later time.  Either way, once you have the knowledge and requirements, and have prepared your garden, you can show it in the March Horticulture Competition.  This is the club project and your container garden will qualify for the Estelle Leibrecht Horticulture Award competition. Meet in the Garden Club room.  $10 fee pp in addition to providing your own materials (please make checks out to Garden Club of Montclair). RSVP to Donna Uher ( by Wednesday November 2nd.

11/15 T

Flower Design Point Scoring Workshop 9:30-11:00
Scales of Points have been created for judging Flower Design as well as Horticulture and must be used in all competitions. Point scoring is the method by which judges evaluate designs at Standard Flower Shows as well as at our monthly competitions. Please join us for this informative talk on Point Scoring given by our own Master Judge Brenda Bingham who will discuss point scoring using the designs from Monday’s Flower Design competition.

11/29  T

Holiday Wreath Workshop 10:00-12:00
Join our own resident wreath expert, Amy South for mulled cider, holiday treats and festive music as you decorate beautiful wreaths for your home. Bring a wreath of your choice, clippers, scissors and a glue gun if you have one. Space limited to 20 with priority to members and provisionals. The cost of $35 covers all decorations and bows but you provide your own wreath. Checks payable to ‘Garden Club of Montclair’.  RSVP  to Amy South: (973-744-7028) by Nov. 20. Hope to see you there.

11/30 W

Crane House Holiday Greens Workshop 9:00-12:00
Get into the holiday spirit making decorations for the Crane House.All are welcome!Donna Uher will organize us to construct wreaths and roping in the basement room of the Crane House at 108 Orange Road in Montclair.Decorations will be hung immediately thereafter. Please join us at any time, whether it’s early to make the decorations or later to help hang them. We need many hands to complete the job.Please bring gloves, clippers, glue guns, etc. RSVP  to Donna Uher ( by Monday November 28.

3/15  W

Advanced Designer Workshop Series, Part 2  10:00-12:00, 1:00-3:00
This is the second workshop in a series focusing on advanced designs and presented by our own Master Judges Florence Leyssène and Deborah Moran. For this next workshop we will practice doing a Tubular design, a Transparency design and a Collage all of which will be on the March and April schedule. The workshop will run from 10 to 12, followed by a break for lunch and begin again from 1 to 3. Come for part or stay for all. Kindly RSVP to Cynthia Corhan-Aitken ( and bring lunch. A material list will be supplied for all those who register.

4/1  S

Horticulture Workshop 10:30-12:00
“Everything’s Coming Up Roses!” is back by popular demand. Barbara Meyer, distinguished rosarian, former president of the Garden Club and winner of numerous club awards, will teach us how to care for and grow beautiful roses. Lecture and demonstration followed by a “pruning party’ in the Avis Campbell gardens, the perfect backdrop for this workshop! Meet in the Garden Club room. RSVP to Donna Uher (

5/9  T

Horticulture Workshop 10:00-11:00
The Presby Memorial Iris Garden will be celebrating its 90th birthday!!! Join Dennis Hillerud and Suzanne Broullon, Master Gardeners and resident experts at Presby, for a discussion and presentation about the history of the gardens, how irises are named, and how to prepare the iris rhizome for planting. Learn also that in the last century, it was the Garden Club of Montclair members who maintained this significant community jewel. Presby is now known as the world’s best iris garden! Meet at the Walther House, 474 Upper Mountain Ave. Feel free to take a self-guided tour of the gardens after the presentation. Don’t forget to visit the Bloom Room!! RSVP to Donna Uher ( )by May 8.

6/13  T

Photography Workshop  4:30-5:30
Join Michael Downey for a one-hour hands-on workshop in Avis Campbell Gardens!  Hone your skills for the upcoming Standard Flower Show Photography exhibit.  Bring your camera of choice – be it DSLR or smartphone! RSVP appreciated but not required to Claire Stepleton

7/12  W

Summer Botanicalia  2:00-4:00
Snip some blooms from your garden, haul in a planter or create a summer flower design so fellow Club members can enjoy the fruits of your labors. See Garden Club friends, meet new ones, and enjoy light refreshments. No judging, just enjoying. Rsvp to organizer Fran Liscio appreciated but not necessary.


Workshops are offered to Garden Club of Montclair members.