Board of Trustees

President* Susan Straten 2017-2019
1st Vice President-Membership* Barbara Baletti 2017-2019
           Activities                2017-2019
2nd Vice President-Communications* Amy South 2017-2019
          Website  Claire Stepleton 2017-2018
3rd Vice President-Finance* Maureen Donahoe 2016-2018
Recording Secretary* Firth Fabend 2016-2018
  Committee Chairs
Avis Campbell Garden* Celia Radek/ Karen Whitehaus 2017-2018
Civic Beautification* Michele Conlin 2017-2019
Environment                  2017-2019
Flower Design* Cynthia Corhan-Aiken 2016-2018
Garden Therapy*  Eileen Reilly Diaz/Virginia Scott-Fleming 2017-2019
Horticulture* Jacklyn Kling 2016-2018
Hospitality* TBD 2017-2018
Nominating* Sharla Blanz 2017-2018
Potpourri* Tessie Thomas 2016-2018
Program* Charlene Connolly/Michele Trevenen 2017-2019
Properties* Susan Durant/Kathy Sorkin 2016-2018
Triangle Gardens* Deborah Moran 2017-2019
Ways and Means* Gretchen Prater 2017-2018
      Garden Boutique                 Susan Benner 2017-2019
Workshop* Mara Hawkins 2017-2019
Yearbook* Fran Wong 2016-2018
Youth* Tawyna Switzer 2017-2019

*Denotes voting member of the Board of Trustees