Avis Campbell Gardens & Grounds

The Avis Campbell Gardens and  Grounds Committee maintains the grounds and the display gardens located behind the United Way Building at 60 S Fullerton Ave. The gardens are open to the public. Designed by landscape architect and Garden Club member Avis Campbell and installed in1952, the gardens are inspired by the Wheel of Life and feature a pedestal fountain surrounded by roses and beds of flowering perennials & annuals. The grounds include a memorial to Essex County residents who lost their lives on September 11, 2001.  Volunteers are welcome to join committee members who garden every Tuesday morning from April through mid-November.

Avis Campbell Gardens and Grounds Activity Calendar

10/11    T  Avis Campbell Fall Cleanup 9:30-12:30

10/18    T  Avis Campbell Fall Cleanup  9:30-12:30

10/25    T  Avis Campbell Fall Cleanup  9:30-12:30

11/1     T  Avis Campbell Tulip Bulb Planting 9:30-12:30

11/8     T  Avis Campbell Tulip Bulb Planting  9:30-12:30

11/15   T  Avis Campbell Tulip Bulb Planting Raindate 9:30-12:30

3/28     T  Avis Campbell Spring Cleanup  9:30-12:00

4/4       T  Avis Campbell Spring Cleanup Raindate  9:30-12:00

5/9      T  Avis Campbell Gardens Lift tulips and Plant Annuals  9:00-11:30

5/16   T  Avis Campbell Gardens Lift Tulips and Plant Annuals (continued) 8:30-11:30

5/23   T  Avis Campbell Gardens Lift Tulips and Plant Annuals Raindate 8:30-11:30